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  • 8 Silver Hair Color Ideas For Women Look More Beautiful

    Silver Hair Color 51

    Although hair color has become a fashion trend among the community, that does not mean every new color that you launched followed. In hair coloring, you should be careful choosing hair color so that your hair coloring does not damage the existing hairstyle. In addition, hair color should be adjusted to the skin color for […]

  • 30+ Best Sapphire Blue Hair Color Ideas for Women Look More Stylish

    Sapphire Blue Hair221

    Beauty and beauty of hair is indeed a dream for everyone, especially for women who always pay attention and emphasis on the hair model. Of course, if your hair looks more attractive and always follow the trends and hairstyle of the present course, of course, you will be the attention of everyone and also make […]

  • 30+ Incredible Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas For Cute Women

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    Do you want to experiment with hair color? Try coloring your hair into a dark blonde. Perhaps many of you who are dark-skinned have doubts about the experiment because it feels blonde hair is only suitable for the white. It really is not like that. Choose a shade that matches skin color, so your face […]

  • 10+ Best Hair Bobs For Beauty Women That You Have To Try

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    The classic bob hairstyle is still a favorite until the end of the year. This symmetrical hair model can be created in accordance with the wishes such as pieces with extra bangs or without bangs, hair model will still look interesting. Almost all face shapes such as oval, round, or triangle can look attractive with […]