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Natural Makeup Look

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Just because makeup is acceptable does not indicate it is something which folks should have. It is expensive, it’s a simple fact. For me, it has become an integral part of my self-care. It can be an incredible creative outlet, a way of expressing one’s personal aesthetic while developing an artistic skill.

It’s the exact same with makeup. Quite often, makeup gives women the confidence boost they need to have the world. Some men and women feel stunning with just a little makeup, some a little more, and some not at all.

Women were burned as witches simply as they were beautiful. They live in a much friendlier, much less cutthroat world. In the pursuit of the ideal hair, the perfect figure and a beautiful face, they can collect a myriad of insecurities about their particular shortcomings in relation to what they think men will and will not find attractive. Nearly all women yearn to still be considered beautiful as they age.

Natural Wedding Makeup
Natural Wedding Makeup
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Women, if you would like to wear makeup, wear it. It’s something women do to be able to truly feel beautiful. Women are naturally beautiful and ought to realize they shouldn’t hide their flaws. They talk about whether or not to lean in or lean out while men have never had the option to lean out.

The traditional argument that a true feminist shouldn’t wear makeup stems from the idea that it’s objectification because you’re changing yourself to please others. And also extremely valid to consider how the beauty industry tells women they need to fix ‘flaws’ in their faces and bodies.

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