Best Men Ripped Jeans Ideas: 50+ Best Cool Inspirations

Ripped Jeans Trend 1715

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What is Ripped Jeans ?, Ripped Jeans is a trend that has gained popularity from the 1980s where it was originally known as distressed jeans. Until now this trend is still developing and quite a lot of interest by people.

Ripped jeans itself is a term used to refer to a model of torn jeans or a model of jeans that have a tear located in the area of the knee. This style became popular in the era of heavy metal

Although looks Torn and impressed obsolete, this denim type of pants are still widely sold in stores even in early 2010 ripped jeans back in style and considered as the revival of the style of the 1990 era.

Ripped Jeans Trend 4115
Ripped Jeans Trend 4115
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As we can see above, it is common in ripped jeans to tear in the knee area. However, although it still looks cool, this pants style can even be paired with some other trends. If observed from the picture above ripped jeans can also be combined with sneakers shoes.

How are you interested in ripped jeans? If so do not miss some other style trends in the next post see you again.

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