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65+ Most Popular Strega Fashion Style For Best Your Performance

By Kelly Holland

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Strega fashion is a term used to describe the style of “modern witch”. Now, magicians do exist and can wear whatever they want, but the aesthetics of fantasy magicians has grown. Especially the style given in monochrome black or with a touch of color that does not sound and others. It could have a different nu-Goth talent, or a little more Bohemian and fantastic. As long as it’s dark and “wizard,” it’s Strega.

Strega definitely has its roots in Dark Mori, an offshoot of Japanese Mori Kei fashion which is all about a cutesy, cottage-in-the-woods aesthetic. As the darker cousin, Dark Mori uses a primarily black palette and darker accessories. Mori of all kinds prefer duskier, more muted tones so grey, deep dusky red, and plum would be great additions to a Strega look. But, of course, the more black, the better.

Both fashions use a lot of layering. Tights with legwarmers, a shawl with a coat, lots of scarves. These allow for depth of detail without adding a lot of colors or patterns. You can mix up the textures too, layering sweaters with drapey lace skirts or linen trousers and knobbly knitted scarves.

There are a number of reasons I really like this kind of fashion. First off, it’s pretty gender neutral. Now, all clothes are gender neutral of course but Strega in particular is very easily masculine, feminine, or androgynos. It’s quite flexible. Secondly, it’s pretty modest and practical for daily wear (whereas I see a lot of fashion that is clearly club wear or very, very fancy–nothing bad about that, of course, but this is a nice change of pace.) The amount of layering and cozy materials also makes it ideal for the autumn and winter months. It’s certainly better in my opinion than trying to pretend my leather jacket is very warm!

What do you all think of Strega fashion? Is it something you would, or have incorporated into your wardrobe before? If that strikes you as being inappropriate then the fashion can also be roughly described as witch-wear or dark-mori.

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