45+ Most Popular Long Cardigan Sweater Outfits Ideas

Long Oversized Cardigans

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When it comes to fashions and fashion trends, the cardigan used to suffer from a bad reputation. That is because people did not know how to style them the right way. You have to look at beautiful girls wearing sweaters to know what we mean, as most of them are not wearing cardigan outfits, as they have no idea about how to style them. When used in the right way stylish chic long cardigan outfits for ladies can be among the stylish February fashion ideas for women.

As a short girl, I’ve always been intimidated by very long cardigans. Chunky knits that hit close to my knee or lower seemed to swallow my body up, even when they were a size small or extra-small. I would have given up on them, except long cardigans are so ridiculously cozy and warm on cold winter days. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized I could pull them off. I just didn’t how to wear long cardigans before. I bought a super warm long cardigan that hit below my knee, put together a little outfit, and actually loved how it looked.

The point of this little story is that I don’t care what style rules dictate-anyone can wear a long cardigan. If you’re worried that it’s going to overwhelm your frame, there are other things you can do to streamline the rest of your outfit so that it balances out the sweater (like wearing heels and skinny jeans). If you’re curvy or plus-size and you feel like a giant cardigan is going to make you look too wide, just choose one that is more fitted rather than bulky.

Outfits With Long Black Cardigan Sweater
Outfits With Long Black Cardigan Sweater
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If you’re not quite ready to grasp the total concept of winter, ease yourself into it gently, via Autumn most practical fashion trend: the long cardigan. You’ll basically be owning a knit or similar that is a part sweater, part coat, and a little bit bohemian.

Want to rock one of these big sweaters this winter? Here are 48 style tips on how to wear long cardigans and sweaters with outfit ideas you’re definitely going to want.

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