45+ Beauty Fairy Unicorn Makeup For Halloween Party

45+ Beauty Fairy Unicorn Makeup For Halloween Party

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Makeup unicorn is currently a beauty trend. You can try from a cute look with unicorn pastel colors or twist with a dark Halloween distinctive look with dark colors like black and dark red.

Typical colors Unicorn Makeup itself tends to be bright ie Pink, Peach, Purple, Mint, Blue, Orange, Red and even Gold. Yeah, just how you make it, with unique makeup, you baseball need to be confused thinking about odd costumes and so forth for the party Halloween

Halloween makeup does not require you to use a rainbow horn or unicorn suits. Unicorn makeup is more identical the same pastel colors brightly identical rainbow in the community with Unicorn.

Fairy Unicorn Makeup 41
Fairy Unicorn Makeup
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Like the theme picture above, for example, the themed fairy evil unicorn, of course, with a combination of black color on eyeshadow and lip will add its own match. but if you do not match the picture above then you can see other picture below.

How many of the images above inspire you enough? if so do not miss out on other interesting makeup for Halloween party this year

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