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45+ Amazing Art Nouveau Jewelry Necklace You Have To Know

By Kayonna Cole

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Art Nouveau or Jugendstil is an international style and philosophy in art, architecture, and applied art especially the most popular decorative art of the year 1890-1910. English uses the French name Art Nouveau (“new art”), but this style has many different names in other countries.

As a reaction to nineteenth-century academic art, Art Nouveau was inspired by various natural structures and shapes, not just flowers and plants, but also curved lines. The architects strive to harmonize with the natural environment.

Art Nouveau is seen as a “total” art style embracing architecture, graphic arts, interior design, and most decorative arts such as jewelry, furniture, textiles, silver handicrafts and other lighting and tooling, as well as pure art. According to this style philosophy, art should be a way of life. For many Europeans, it is possible to live in an art nouveau-style house that uses ceramic crafts


But at this point, we will discuss Art Nouveau in the form of Necklace, as the picture above for example. would be very interesting if used by women but if you are less interested in the design above you can see other designs below.

How are you interested enough from the number of images above? if so do not miss out on other interesting things about jewelry here. see you in the upcoming post.

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