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Jenna Lyons Street Fashion Ideas 39

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Not all heroes wear capes. Jenna Lyons wore sequins. With jeans. The announcement of her exit from J. Crew is one of sweet sorrow, but her influence on how we dress will be her legacy. She redefined luxury, aggressively encouraged us to add a “pop” of color to every outfit, and taught us how to roll up our sleeves just-so (a lesson we will never forget). With Lyons gone, we don’t know where J. Crew is going, but we know where they’ve been.

Jenna Lyons’s distinct style, which has become synonymous with J.Crew’s look, has inspired women to look at clothes differently. She’s made us care about the tiniest details – from the way a shirt is tucked in, we owe the mainstreaming of the studiedly casual half-tuck to her.

Lyons isn’t afraid of big, bold details such as giant earrings, loud prints, or sequins donned during the day; she’s the living embodiment of practicing what you preach. Scroll down to see all the ways the departing designer has changed our point of view on fashion during her time at J.Crew.

Jenna Lyons Street Fashion Ideas 40
Jenna Lyons Street Fashion Ideas 40
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When you take a closer look at all the trends and styling tricks Lyons became associated with over the years — both in her personal style and J.Crew presentations and campaigns — they mostly boil down to mixing and matching pieces and ideas that might seem incongruous: a dress with nerdy glasses, jeans with coral lipstick, a sequined skirt with a basic striped tee, etc. She has a knack for casualizing otherwise formal and stuffy looks and making casual outfits look dressier that did resonate with many of us.

Style Icon and creative director for J. Crew. See more ideas about Jenna Lyons, Style icons, and Style star.

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