35+ Short Hairstyles For Women That Can Make You Look Beauty

35+ Short Hairstyles For Women That Can Make You Look Beauty

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Short haircuts began to be in great demand by urban women. The style is simple and low maintenance so one of the reasons why short hairstyle so favorite women. Although having short hair, does not mean our hairstyle so monotonous, you know. In this year, there are quite a lot of female hair trends that we can refer to cut according to the trend of women’s short hair 2017.

One of the short hair trends is the side swept bangs style. Side bangs arrange with a dry wrap technique will be a favorite of many women who want to have a new look but do not want to change the appearance in the extreme. Side-swept bangs usually have lengths that exceed the eye position. However, with the dry wrap technique, bangs are made as if they had a short size under the eyebrow.

Dry wrap technique we can do when drying hair using a hair dryer and comb paddle. First, drag the bangs down then point to the left. Then drag the bangs down and point to the right. Next pull the bangs back, then pull the bangs forward. With this technique, our side-swept bangs will be curved and look shorter than the actual size.

Short Hairstyles147
Short Hairstyles
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As can be seen from the picture above, the picture above is an example of side swept bangs hairstyle style; this style is quite a lot of devotees. This piece fits with women who have oval face shape, if the picture above can not be your reference, You should see some photos below.


Are you interested enough in the photo above? Moreover, did you find the photo you are referring? If so do not miss some other ideas in the next post.

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