35+ Best Oil Slick Hair Ideas That Can Make You Look More Beauty

35+ Best Oil Slick Hair Ideas That Can Make You Look More Beauty

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At first glance, perhaps the latest hair coloring trend is almost similar to hair dye or ombre hair. However, no is different.

Have you ever seen an oil or oil spill on a paved highway? If the spill is evenly exposed to the sun, surely you will see a color pattern that spreads beautifully, is not it? Well, this hair coloring is similar to the oil spill color

Nickname “oil slick hair” is in a can from a salon. If you are familiar with the opal hair that moments ago rampantly tried by women with blond hair, hair color is similar to it. Only, hair color is intended for women who have dark hair, and colors that are used denser and more lustrous than the opal hair.

Oil Slick Hair 811
Oil Slick Hair
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As the picture above it is one example of Oil Slick Hair, but in general, this hairstyle intended for people who have dark hair so it can show the color of a good oil spill. However, if you are not happy with this one you can see other photos below.


Do you find a photo that can be your inspiration in this hairstyle? If so do not miss all sorts of other styles in the upcoming post

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