20+ Awesome Jewelry Ideas For Women Look More Beautiful

20+ Awesome Jewelry Ideas For Women Look More Beautiful

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The necklace is a circular jewelry that is attached or hung on the neck of a person. Traditionally, usually a necklace is made of precious metal; such as gold, silver, platinum or other precious metals, precious stones such as diamonds and gems, as well as pearls or sequins.

Choosing the right necklace in accordance with the face shape as well as wearing clothes in accordance with the body shape. Not only beautify, necklaces can also correct the face shape.

Currently, the materials used for making necklaces are quite diverse for example; iron, bronze, copper, ceramics, glass, seeds of the saga, cloth, stone, rattan, wood, bamboo, horns, leather, bones, shells, plastics, and much more. Necklaces are usually chain shaped and sometimes added pendant, pendant or pendulum as a sweetener.

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Fashion Jewelry
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In fashion, the necklace signifies the identity of the owner, besides not all women, can use the same necklace because each face shape has different shape options like the picture above for example. but if you do not match the picture above you can see other picture below

How about the number of images above are you interested enough? if so do not miss other interesting pictures here.


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